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Atlas Running Injury Clinic, Solihull, Birmingham
Laser Foot Scan in preparation for prescription foot orthotics
Solihull Podiatrist Peter Taylor specialises in running injuries and looking after runners feet.  Poor biomechanics often result in running injuries and accurate realignment can often prevent injuries especially high mileage training for races such as the London Marathon.

Prescription orthotics for overpronated or flat feet can often cure the problem of conditions such as shinsplints, achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.
Running blisters can often stop you running, generally blisters are caused by friction and rubbing.  There are special blister socks which can help but an option is to smear vaseline over your feet to prevent friction and review your running shoes.

Often runners are advised to purchase running shoes that are too large and the feet slide about inside the shoes when running, thus creating the rubbing effect that cause blisters.

Incorrectly fitted orthotics can also cause blisters so please get your orthotics fitted by a specialist with running experience.  In Solihull Birmingham we have such a clinic.  Visit for help with running injuries and orthotics
Carole Taylor
Runners foot problems are common, especially when training for marathons and half marathons
Running injuries in Solihull Birmingham are treated at the Atlas Running Injury Clinic. 

Headed by Sports Podiatrist Peter Taylor, the Birmingham Sports Injury Clinic caters for all runners including novice runners through to elite athletes.

Peter who is also a qualified Sports Physiotherapist is experienced in treating running injuries and providing physiotherapy and sports massage to grateful runners.

Atlas have video gait analysis equipment, laser foot scanning and can provide a full biomechanical assessment of both standing and running phases of your gait. 

Prescription Orthotics can be designed and fitted at the clinic as a bespoke service for both runners and children who need early intervention for problem feet and ankles.