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Onychocryptosis (Ingrowing toenail)

Ingrowing toe nail is a condition where the shoulder or edge of the nail penetrates the underlying skin. This occurs most commonly on the big toe. The skin becomes red and swollen and is acutely painful to any pressure applied to it, such as footwear. This condition commonly becomes infected.
Toe Nails

Problem toe nails
need to be treated before they become infected and painful.

Below are a few common toe nail problems that our Solihull Chiropodist is trained to treat.
Involuted nails

These are nails that an increased curvature across the width of the nail, the outer edges curving down into the skin at the side of the nails.
This condition can often be painful when pressure is applied to the nail, for example, by footwear.

Nail Pathology at a Glance


Onychauxis is abnormal thickening of the nails. This is often accompanied by yellow/brown discolouration and the nail becomes brittle and dry.


Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail. The nail may become thickened, brittle and crumbly. The nail colour may vary from yellow, brown, green white or black depending on the type of fungi present.

Subungual Haematoma

Extensive haemorrhage or bleeding of the nail bed which collects beneath the nail. Following trauma the nail will initially appear red, later turning dark red or black as the blood clots. The build up of blood creates pressure under the nail resulting in intense pain.


Paronychia is inflammation of the tissues around the nail. The surrounding skin often becomes reddened and swollen and produces a throbbing type pain. This is also known as ‘whitlow’ and is often caused by bacterial infection.